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Anyone working in the lucrative online marketing industry knows that the profitability of their websites is largely dependant on the amount of traffic visiting each day and the quality of those unique page hits. One of the best sources of internet traffic no matter what kind of product or service you are selling is Search Engine Traffic.

Search Engines filter vast amounts of traffic using user defined searches that enable them to reach web pages specifically designed to accommodate their particular interests. For that reason, companies routinely compete for Search Engine Page Placement within their own niche market and on broader Search Terms that can also be applied to their end line products and services. Having your website listed first or second for important Keyword Search Terms can generate exponentially more visits from Filtered Traffic Sources than having the same website with a weaker search engine page placement for those same terms.

In the mid 1990s the burgeoning field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) began to take shape. Experts in the art of tweaking, modifying, focusing, targeting and refining online page content began to offer their services to others for a fee. The result is the competitive search engine system that exists today where professional SEO Experts consult with numerous businesses and push increased traffic toward them by optimizing webpages to make them easier for search engines to index and absorb.

While many people make the error of assuming that search engines weight the same things that humans do when reading a web page, even a small amount of research will demonstrate that Search Engine Criteria For Page Rank and other important traffic factors are often very different from what a human reader might think is helpful or interesting. The key to proper SEO is to make sure that your page is fully accessible to Search Engine Algorithms without detracting from the human viewers experience while visiting your site.

Transparently Optimizing Your Web Page for search engines by offering Engine Food designed to keep them healthy, full and satisfied while avoiding even a slight irritation to your human customers is perhaps the single biggest difference between a successful website that earns you money and a pretty website that goes largely unnoticed.

Keep in mind, Search Engine Rankings rely almost entirely on two aspects of your website: Linking Structure and SEO Text. Pictures, videos and other multi-media content may be pleasing to human viewers but has almost zero impact on the entities responsible for sending those human viewers to your site in the first place. For that reason, acquiring Top Quality SEO Text is an essential part of creating a successful new website or upgrading the traffic capacity of an existing one.