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TextSEO provides Free Price Quotes for text projects before any work begins. We do not claim to be the cheapest choice and we are aware that clients can get lower prices from less reputable providers who will treat your site text like a game of "Mad Libs" using ineffective text generation scripts, duplicate text from other sites and a number of other 'tricks' that allow them to charge you less and earn you less as well. When you want quality SEO and text provided with no headaches, on time every time, at a fair and reasonable price we look forward to working with you exceeding all of your highest expectations.

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Text Length

One factor used in determining a fair price for a text project is the length of the text itself. While 'price per word' is a useful measuring device, it is not the only thing to consider when determining a fair price for digital text content. As you can see from reading the other sections of this page, TextSEO considers many other relevant factors when determining a fair price quote for a project. By clicking the Free Quote button on this page you can enter basic facts about your upcoming text project and we will email you a free price quote at your convenience.

Recurring Work

TextSEO believes strongly in 'teamwork' as a basic business philosophy. We value our clients and see our role going beyond simply providing text or SEO services. Often we are able to make recommendations during the process of working together which affect other aspects of a client's website and lead to greater profits as well. Recurring customers who hire TextSEO for multiple projects are given discounted prices as compared to 'one time' clients who need a single task performed.

Schedule Flexibility

We specialize in providing text and SEO services designed to suit your needs, whatever they may be. If you need work performed immediately, let us know and we make every effort to assist you. Obviously, work with a more flexible schedule can be planned more efficiently and therefore priced lower as well. TextSEO will provide you with alternate price quotes for a variety of project completion dates upon your request so that you know exactly what the difference in price would be for getting a project completed today rather than getting the same project completed by a later date.

Project Interface

TextSEO can provide text for you utilizing any interface you prefer. Unless otherwise stated, text quotes assume that all work is to be provided via email in Word Document format. We do ask that you show us the interface, template or format you would prefer so that we can adjust our price quote accordingly. Simple interfaces can reduce the cost of your project, complex ones may result in an upcharge corresponding to the increased time needed to perform the work but we will always make you aware of any cost increase at the time you place your order.

Barter For Services

Our goal is to earn value in return for services rendered. We understand that value can come in many forms and are always open to alternative possibilies. Hardlinks, design work, client referrals, web traffic and wide variety of other resources can be included as partial or full payment for your TextSEO project. Please contact us with details if you wish to include some form of barter for our services.

Project Visibility

Yes, every text project that TextSEO performs is held to a very strict quality standard. However, common sense dictates that a Press Release announcing the launch of an entirely new Commercial Affiliate Program or a print article planned as the lead story of a major industry magazine will take more time than the 3,008th blog entry for a massive SEO traffic site. For that reason, high profile text work is generally priced higher than low profile text work on a price per word basis.

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