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Reputation Management work presents unique marketing challenges because our clients value discretion for obvious reasons. Stewart has done a tremendous job helping us acquire customers without spotlighting our existing customer base. A difficult task, done very well indeed.

Jacob K., - ReputationCurator.com


"NationalNet is an established brand in the Hosting business, so when we decided to work with Text SEO we already had specific targets we wanted to hit, and we didn't want any PR firm leading our brand astray. Stewart and his company have done a masterful job of delivering exactly what they've promised us while staying within the boundaries we set. I have recommended their services to many others and I will continue to do so."

Bill VanVorst of NationalNet.com


Text SEO was instrumental in helping us to set the right tone for our own presence online. Creating digital properties is what we do best, but doing a site for your own company presents unique challenges and having their input definitely lead to a better finished result.

Rick Muenyong, CEO - Ranks.com

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